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Jun 5, 2019

You might be surprised to learn that Joy, a Holistic Nutritionist, used to be a sugar addict. It was only later in life that she learned that the sugar-free foods she was consuming and her diet at the time was a big reason for it. If you currently feel addicted to sugar, don't worry – there is hope with the strategies I share in this episode!

In this episode we discuss:


  • How sugar makes food addictive (and how food manufacturers take advantage of this)
  • Joy's sugar addiction story and how she broke her addiction to sugar
  • Joy and Walker's relationship with sugar as kids
  • How much sugar the average North American consumed then and now
  • The industrialization of food and how it has altered food for the worse
  • Why sugar is considered to be as addictive as drugs
  • The many negative effects of sugar
  • How to break your sugar addiction
  • The importance of balancing your blood sugar
  • How a sugar addiction begins
  • What happens when Joy and Walker's daughter Vienna has refined sugar
  • Eating a high sugar diet ages your skin through a process called AGEs
  • The link between sugar and heart disease
  • How much sugar is okay
  • Where sugar is hiding in your food (you might be surprised by this!)
  • The role green smoothies played when breaking my sugar addiction
  • The best part about quitting sugar


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