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May 29, 2019

This week, Joy and Walker relive one of the most incredible, magical and insane moments of their life which was the moment they welcomed their daughter, Vienna, into the world. They both get into the nitty-gritty of all of the details, in addition to the strategies they used to have a natural pregnancy and childbirth. If you are currently pregnant or hoping to have children in the future, this episode will show you that positive birthing experiences do exist!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Not all birth stories are negative or "horror stories"
  • Positive birth stories
  • Choosing to find out Vienna's gender before she was born 
  • The connection between The Ritz Carlton and Vienna's birth
  • How ACDC was involved with Joy's water breaking
  • Choosing the Toronto Birthing Centre over giving birth at home  
  • Labouring at home
  • Joy and Walker's birthing centre experience
  • "It's hard work, it's work – but it's worth it"
  • Natural pain relief medications you can use during child birth
  • Strategies to get through the pain of childbirth 
  • What happened the moment Joy held Vienna in her arms
  • The time warp that is child birth 
  • Joy's thoughts on men who have issues looking at their wife's vagina while giving birth 
  • Joy's take on the antibiotic eye wash
  • The Vitamin K Shot – and why Joy wishes Vienna didn't have it
  • What the 6 weeks post partum looked like
  • Joy's challenges with breastfeeding
  • Birthing affirmation cards Walker put together to support Joy during childbirth 
  • Taking each person's birthing story with a grain of salt 


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