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Mar 4, 2020

Today, I’m so excited to welcome my very good friend, and host of the ‘Healthy Hormones for Women Podcast’, Samantha Gladish, to the show. In addition to hosting her podcast, Samantha is a holistic nutritionist, weight loss coach, hormone ‘fixer upper’, and an author as well who has generously taken time out of her extremely busy schedule to discuss her remarkable ‘healing journey’ toward becoming a nutritionist, and to share her vast amount of knowledge and experience in the area of women’s nutrition and health. If you want to learn how to live a healthier life by tuning into and trusting your body, Sam’s been there, done that, and tells you how on today’s very special episode.


Episode Highlights:


  • The health benefits of Sam’s move to the country  
  • Sam’s journey to becoming a nutritionist
  • The birth control pill and Sam’s experience with it
  • Her response to her Auto-Immune Hashimoto’s diagnosis
  • Sam’s perspective on the most neglected area of women’s health and her recommendations to address it
  • What Sam’s up to these days, including publishing her new book, ‘The 30-Day Hormone Solution’
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