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Mar 11, 2020

We couldn’t be more excited about our guest this week, Julian Brass, the international keynote speaker, corporate workshop facilitator, certified health coach, yoga instructor, investor, and author of ‘Own Your Anxiety – 99 Simple Ways to Channel Your Secret Edge’. Julian lives to inspire people, and that is precisely what he does in this episode as he shares his fascinating personal story and offers practical tools and strategies to help us ‘own our anxiety so we can own our lives’. If you are looking to turn your anxiety from being ‘negative and debilitating to positive and facilitating’, you don’t want to miss this episode!


 Episode Highlights:


  • Julian’s story and his current goals
  • His definition of anxiety
  • Some of the tools Julian uses on a daily basis to feel his best including ‘nose to belly breathing’ and ‘personal power points’
  • Julian’s book and some of his favourite strategies in it
  • The importance of sleep and his ‘winding down’ suggestions
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