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Dec 12, 2023

In this episode of the Joyous Health podcast, host Joy McCarthy sits down with Amber Romaniuk, an emotional eating, digestive, and hormone expert. Amber shares her personal journey of overcoming binge eating from gaining and losing over 1000lbs and spending over $50,000 on binge foods. She offers valuable strategies for breaking the cycle. 


From addressing emotional triggers to implementing self-care practices, this conversation provides valuable insights for those struggling with binge eating. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the connection between hormones, emotions, and food, and discover how to cultivate body confidence and optimal health. 


Episode Highlights:

[00:00:37] Emotional eating and hormones.

[00:10:09] Triggers for binge eating.

[00:14:37] Emotional healing and sugar addiction.

[00:24:35] Binge eating and overeating.

[00:27:53] Signs of triggering binge eating.

[00:31:08] Breaking certain unhealthy habits with children.

[00:33:19] Setting good eating habits.

[00:37:38] Hormones and binge eating.

[00:40:10] Overcoming guilt and self-awareness.

[00:43:31] Body awareness and healing.

[00:46:41] Digestive aids and emotional triggers.



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