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Mar 18, 2020

From her arrival in Canada as a child, not speaking a word of English, through many stress filled years of employment in other fields, to recognizing her true passion and putting in the countless hours of education and work to finally realize her dream, Emilia’s story is one of courage, perseverance, and commitment that we know you will find as inspiring as it is informative. 

Join us for our chat with Emilia Wisniewski as she recounts her fascinating journey along the road to starting and running her remarkably successful Studio 1NINE1 interior design business


Episode Highlights:


  • Emilia’s ‘immigrant story’
  • Her road to becoming an interior designer
  • Emilia’s ‘secret sauce’
  • Her rituals for avoiding burnout
  • Emilia’s business ‘Studio 1NINE1’
  • The ‘kick in the butt’ that Joy and Walker gave Emilia



Studio 1NINE1 homepage:

Video of one of Emilia’s makeovers:

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