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Apr 1, 2020

In this episode, Walker and I share how we are managing work, parenting and life in general during COVID-19. We share the strategies we are using to help manage anxiety and cultivate positivity. It's something that we are taking actionable steps towards every day. Some days I feel like we are slaying it and there are moments I am in tears -- but through it all, we are staying connected virtually to family and friends and to each other. 



  • Be cautious of information overload
  • Turn off notifications on your phone
  • Write down all the things you CAN control
  • Write down all the things you cannot control 
  • The benefits of spring cleaning and organizing 
  • Energy flows where attention goes - focus on 1 thing and try and monotask as much as possible
  • How food can help you manage anxiety
  • Are you grazing all day long - ask yourself if you are physically hungry? 
  • Write down what I want to accomplish each day
  • How meditation has changed my life



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