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Dec 6, 2022

This week, Joy chats with Neil Pasricha, the best-selling author of nine books and journals including: The Book of Awesome, a spinning rolodex of simple pleasures based on his 100-million-hit, award-winning blog 1000 Awesome Things. He  thinks, writes, and speaks about intentional living and all his current work focuses under themes of gratitude, happiness, failure, resilience, connection, and trust. His books are New York Times and #1 international bestsellers, have spent over 200 weeks on bestseller lists, and have sold over 2,000,000 copies across dozens of languages.

In this episode Neil shares simple, actionable steps you can take to start your own therapeutic journaling and gratitude practice. He also highlights how cell phone addiction can impact our physical and mental health. You’ll love his vibrant, upbeat energy and interesting takes on everything from loneliness to the power of browsing at a bookstore. 

If you want simple, actionable advice to invite more gratitude and intention into your daily life then you won’t want to miss this episode. So settle in with a cuppa your favourite cozy tea and get ready to be inspired to live intentionally!


Episode Highlights:

  • How personal loss inspired Neil’s career as a writer & best-selling author. 
  • The therapeutic benefits of writing & journaling. 
  • The impact of keeping your cell phone in your bedroom. 
  • Simple tips to start a journaling & gratitude practice. 
  • The signs of toxicity in our culture. 
  • What is the loneliness epidemic?
  • Why he’s returning to his focus on resilience, happiness, and gratitude. 
  • How our amygdala & social media impacts our thoughts. 
  • The way smart phones & automatic scrolling suck up our time & impact our health. 
  • The big three “P” problems with cell phones. 
  • Easy tips to reduce your cell phone use. 
  • The positive power of reading fiction, memoirs, and biographies.
  • Why single tasking is the new multitasking, especially when reading.
  • The importance of supporting your local bookstores. 
  • The power of browsing bookstores. 
  • A deep dive into Joy’s favourite parts of Neil’s new book: Our Book of Awesome. 
  • Why Neil invited the community into the creation of his newest book. 
  • The comfort of re-reading books and rewatching movies. 
  • Some of the powerful, small moments of joy that bring gratitude to Neil’s life. 
  • Neil’s current favourite book recommendations. 
  • Why he reads non-fiction in the morning and fiction at night. 



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