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Jun 12, 2019

Sharing strategies to raise healthy and resilient children is a topic we're deeply passionate about at Joyous Health and there was no better person to speak to this than Dr. Rachel Schwartzman who is a licensed naturopathic doctor, birth doula and mom to three busy kids.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Rachel's childhood dream of becoming a medical doctor and how it evolved into studying anthropology and becoming a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Raising kids around food
  • The importance of baking and cooking with kids from a young age
  • Tips on managing picky eaters "Out of sight out of mind" when it comes to sugar
  • The most important consideration for stocking a healthy kitchen Letting kids discover how food makes them feel
  • Understanding picky eaters (and why they may not actually be as "picky" as you think)
  • Making small targets for kids instead of proposing lofty goals
  • Getting kids interested in different foods by eating "family-style" Exposing your kids to a variety of foods, herbs and flavours as young as you can
  • Halloween in Rachel's home
  • Managing kids, the Bump To Baby Show and a clinic + how she does it all
  • Homeopathic essentials for kids
  • Natural supplements for kids