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Nov 15, 2022

This week, Joy chats with Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng, the department head of critical care at The Ottawa Hospital. As a researcher, he is interested in using ICU resources more efficiently and improving access to palliative care in the ICU. He also created ‘Solving Wellness’ a virtual health & wellness platform for health care professionals. The goal of ‘Solving Wellness’ is to help address health care burnout and provide health, fitness and self care for its members.

In this episode Dr. Kyeremanteng shares his experiences working in the fast-paced environment of the ICU and how he takes steps every day to increase his resilience to prevent burnout. He also highlights the importance of investing in prevention and mental health support for achieving overall wellness. After listening to this episode you will feel empowered to take small steps every day to support your health and prevent illness. This chat will stick with you because it’s so inspiring!

If you want to learn how to take simple steps to support your physical and mental well-being then you won’t want to miss this episode! So brew up a cup of detoxifying tea, settle in, and get ready to be inspired to support your health, naturally! 


Episode Highlights:

  • How Dr. Kyeremanteng was inspired to become a doctor from a young age. 
  • Why he was attracted to practice intensive care medicine–communication and community!
  • How he stays calm and balanced amidst the chaos of the ICU to bring compassion and care to his patients. 
  • The different wellness and lifestyle hacks that Dr. Kyeremanteng uses to build his resilience. 
  • Why knowledge of wellness and self-care is so important to support healthcare practitioners and prevent burnout. 
  • His experiences working in the ICU during the pandemic and how that inspired him to create Solving Wellness for healthcare workers. 
  • His tips for eating well as a shift worker.
  • Suggestions for supporting good quality sleep as a shift worker.
  • The importance of managing other pillars of health if you’re lacking your sleep. 
  • How to develop your own 80/20 rule for maximum health impacts. 
  • Why swapping sugary drinks for water is an easy first step to take to improve health.
  • The importance of setting up your environment for success–keep the good stuff around!
  • Why he prioritizes good food to support energy and mental health.
  • What is decision fatigue and how to limit your decisions for optimal health. 
  • Simple hacks to help save time and energy to support your wellness.
  • The importance of productivity and time efficiency.
  • What is pandemic recovery and how does it relate to mental health?
  • Why he doesn’t think Canada invests enough in mental health support and counselling.
  • The importance of mental health for overall physical wellness. 
  • Where he thinks the hospital system fails patients in supporting mental health concerns. 
  • The importance of being innovative to promote true, lasting, and deep rooted healing.
  • How little things can make a big difference to the experience of being in the hospital.
  • How to get involved in your own community to support people.
  • Inspiring stories of his patients’ resilience and healing. 
  • Why staying physically fit can improve your long term health.
  • The power of positive, contagious energy. 
  • Why investing in prevention is so important.
  • Dr. Kyeremanteng’s best tips for preventing illness and maintaining health. 
  • Why everyone’s health and fitness activities will be unique to their needs. 
  • The importance of muscle mass and protein for longevity. 



Dr. Kwadwo on TikTok

Dr. Kwadwo on Instagram

Solving Healthcare Website

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Solving Wellness Website


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