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Jan 25, 2022

This week, Joy leans in to discuss living a purposeful life with Renata, a Naturopathic Doctor turned Astrologer, Soul Alignment Coach and Spiritual Mentor. Renata has 10+ years experience in natural medicine, coaching, yoga, astrology, tarot and has helped hundreds of women create soulful success on their terms. In this episode, Renata inspires us to move past our hidden fears, reconnect with our higher selves, and start living a life aligned with our purpose.   Episode Highlights: 

  •   Renata’s journey to becoming an astrologer, coach and naturopathic doctor 
  •   Infusing spiritual and energetic components into the logical side of healing 
  •   What are the cosmos? How do they affect us? How can we use them to better understand ourselves?
  •   How each full moon affects us differently and why
  •   Being open & curious about different opinions
  •   How social media can make it seem like there is more negativity than there is in the world
  •   Mercury in retrograde explained
  • How to better use and connect with your intuition 
  •   Do certain drugs enhance or diminish your intuition?
  •   Honouring and embracing the dualities we hold within ourselves



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