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Dec 14, 2021

This week, Joy has an important subject to discuss: the presence of fluoride in our water and its effects on our health. She’s joined by Michael Connett, lead attorney in the ongoing lawsuit against the EPA over the neurotoxicity of fluoride. Michael is a partner at Waters Kraus & Paul in LA, where he focuses on helping victims catastrophically injured by toxic substances and dangerous products. He’s also a consultant for the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), which aims to broaden awareness of the toxicity of fluoride compounds. In this episode, Michael guides us through why we should be concerned about the presence of fluoride in our water supply, why governments have not updated their policies, and how he and FAN are hoping to change attitudes towards fluoridation.


Joy’s interview with Michael opens with some information about why fluoridation of our water started in the first place and why new dental research has put the validity of this practice in doubt. Michael points out that while water fluoridation is widespread in North America, most Western countries have chosen not to follow in the US’s footsteps, prioritizing informed consent and the possibility of long-term effects on health. These effects include potential harm to children’s neurodevelopment, with many studies showing a link between exposure to elevated fluoride and lowered IQ and ADHD. Michael suggests that institutional inertia may play a part in the government’s refusal to change its policies on fluoridation and discusses how FAN’s lawsuit against the EPA aims to shake up attitudes toward fluoride. He highlights the prenatal effects of fluoride as one of the key concerns being researched right now, points out that bottle-feeding newborns increases their fluoride exposure massively, and explains some of the common ways you and your children can be exposed to fluoridated water—including the high levels present in green and black tea. Finally, Michael explains the significant impact FAN’s lawsuit may have on the future of fluoridation policy and suggests some ways to support FAN and the campaign against fluoridation. Filled with vital information regarding this most critical of topics, today’s interview marks yet another episode of Joyous Health that you absolutely cannot afford to miss.


Episode Highlights:


  •   US fluoridation policy vs. other countries
  •   The long-term effects of fluoride exposure
  •   The link between fluoride and neurodevelopmental harm
  •   Institutional inertia
  •   Michael’s petition to the EPA and subsequent federal court case
  •   The effects of fluoride during the prenatal period
  •   Bottle-feeding and fluoridated water
  •   The CDC’s attitude to fluoridation
  •   Ways you can be exposed to fluoride
  •   The implications of the lawsuit against the EPA
  •   Ways you can help the campaign against fluoridation



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