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Jul 13, 2021

Today marks the exciting return of Joy’s good friend, Marni Wasserman, to the podcast.

A renowned nutritionist, chef, author, and now host of ‘The Ultimate Baby Podcast’, Marni was last on the show back when she was still pregnant with her beautiful daughter, Sarelle. Well, Sarelle has now just turned one, and Marni has returned to share her detailed account of life from pre-pregnancy to post-birth. It is intimate, it is intense, and, above all, it is a beautiful story of a health filled journey through the highs and lows of this miracle of creating life, and Marni shares it all so very openly with listeners today.


The conversation begins with Marni’s preparation for a healthy pregnancy and the advice she now has for others in this area, and progresses through the steps she took upon becoming pregnant, the supplements she included in her diet, and the roles that her midwives and doula played. She then describes her actual birthing experience, the pain she endured and the natural therapies that helped, the moment of Sarelle’s actual birth and the experience of holding her for the very first time. Marni also relates her post-birth experience with breastfeeding, encapsulating her placenta, what Sarelle is eating now, and the importance of listening to your intuition. In impeccable detail, Marni shares her experience of a healthy and natural pregnancy and birth, fully acknowledging the challenges along the way, and celebrating the overriding sense of joy to be found in this most special life event.


Episode Highlights:

  • How Marni prepared her body for a healthy pregnancy and her advice for others
  • The steps she took upon becoming pregnant
  • Supplements she included in her diet during her pregnancy
  • Marni’s midwives and doula
  • Her birthing experience
  • Her experience dealing with the pain and natural therapies that helped her
  • The moment Sarelle was born
  • Holding her for the first time
  • Breastfeeding in the days following birth
  • Encapsulating her placenta
  • What Sarelle is eating now
  • The allergenic foods she has tried
  • Evolving food preferences and independence
  • Listening to your intuition


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