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Feb 12, 2020

We are incredibly honoured and excited to welcome Podcast Royalty to the show as nutritionist, chef, author, co-host of The Ultimate Health Podcast, and very pregnant Podcast Queen, Marni Wasserman, joins us for today’s episode.

Marni’s journey through the world of food and nutrition is a fascinating one, and she shares many details of it with us, including a courageous transition which has impacted both her personal and professional life considerably. Not only is Marni a great friend of ours, but her podcast is also one of the top health podcasts available, so we know you will greatly enjoy listening to her uniquely well-informed perspective on everything from nutrition and diet to pregnancy preparation.


  • Marni’s ‘organic evolution’ through the world of food and nutrition
  • Her plant-based cooking school business
  • Marni’s transition away from a plant-based diet to eating animal foods
  • Her outlook on the nutrition and diet industry
  • Marni’s pregnancy and how she and Jesse have prepared for it