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Oct 2, 2019

What if you could use your menstrual cycle as your hidden superpower? Turns out – you can! In this episode, Jenn Pike – a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Medical Exercise Specialist – will take you through each of the 4 stages of your menstrual cycle, while touching on hormonal health, and share how you can support your body and feel your best throughout each of them. You will feel empowered and inspired to master your hormones and take your health into your own hands! 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Jenn's personal journey leading up to her becoming a hormone expert
  • The problem with how women's health is taught today
  • Post-Birth Control Syndrome
  • How the birth control pill acts similarly to antibiotics in the body
  • Preparing your daughter for their first period
  • The importance of tracking your menstrual cycle and symptoms
  • The 4 stages of the menstrual cycle and how to support yourself throughout each of them
  • Key foods, supplements, and essential oils to support your hormones throughout your menstrual cycle
  • Cabbage leaves for breast pain How to know if you're producing excess estrogen
  • Why you should be consuming cruciferous vegetables regularly
  • How dairy, excess caffeine, sugar and alcohol raise estrogen
  • Why your menstrual cycle is your superpower
  • The time of month women are highly intuitive
  • The biggest lies we've been taught about our menstrual cycle
  • "Egg wisdom"
  • The issue with not ovulating Impact of stress on hormones
  • The importance of saying no
  • The DUTCH test and why it's the most important test women should do
  • Optimizing the prime time to workout or move your body to support your hormonal health
  • Why sleep is one of the most underrated health tools


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